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Magic Wand - Refill

Glass Cleaner Refill

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  • Extends your glass cleaner while removing waste
  • Replaceable head for Magic Wand
  • Cellulose Fingers scrub your glassware clean
  • 2.36”L x 2.36” W x 5.21”H – 6cm X 6cm X 13.2cm

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Magic Wand
Magic Wand
Replaceable Glass Cleaner

Keep your glasses sparkling by making your glass cleaner last longer than ever. Simply pop this replacement head on your Magic Wand and clean away.


Cellulose, Recycled Plastic

Many of our products have replacement components to extend the lifespan while reducing waste.


Dishwasher Safe: Your dishwasher can help give your Magic Wand head a new lease on life. Just put all parts in the top rack for a quick refresher and a solid cleaning.