What Makes Us Different

You shouldn’t have to compromise. That’s why we developed a line of products that are as beautiful as they are balanced, using innovative materials and thoughtful practices. It’s not just about extending the lifecycle of products in your home or reducing landfill waste – as consumers and creators, we truly believe that even the littlest changes can have a big impact (even if it’s just choosing a better dish brush).


Every material in our products is carefully selected for its durability, giving you more time before each one ends its lifecycle. We choose options that take less energy to produce and cut back on greenhouse gases and harmful chemicals, making them as conscientious as they are long lasting. Here’s a closer look:

  • BONTERRA™: Meaning “good earth,” this petrochemical-free plastic alternative is made from plant cellulose and starches.
  • GLASS: The non-toxic, 100% recyclable star in all our water/ tea bottles, is non-porous and doesn’t leach, which means less bacteria and chemicals in your drinkables.
  • BAMBOO: Mighty strong, mighty fast to grow, this renewable powerhouse grass requires zero pesticides and fertilization.
  • RECYCLED PLASTIC: An old friend you know and love that uses 1/3 of the energy virgin plastic needs for production.
  • LOOFAH: We moved this super scrubber from the bathroom in to the spotlight. Safe on non-stick cookware, too.
  • ORGANIC COTTON: One of the most popular organic fibers, grown without harmful pesticides or fertilizers.
  • CELLULOSE: A squishy sponge alternative that’s 100% plant-based and biodegradable without nasty additions like triclosan.
  • PLANT-BASED MATERIALS: We find new uses for plant-based powerhouses, like walnuts as scrubbers and tampico fibers as bristles.

attention to detail

We’re all about the little things: a dish brush that stands up to dry more quickly, an extra magnet to keep your kitchen towel within arm’s reach, a double duty mop/duster that fits into tight corners. We work to find little added bonuses that help make your healthy choices a bit more enjoyable and a whole lot easier.


We want to shatter the myth that responsibility and “made in China” are mutually exclusive. Having our factories close to the source of materials we use helps us minimize our impact and stay involved in the process from start to finish. From recycling waste and scraps to ensuring safer, happier, greener working environments for our factory team, we work hard with manufacturers, growers and distributors to make sure we’re responsible every step of the way.


When a brand joins the ranks of companies like method, Patagonia and Etsy, you know they’re doing something right. That’s why we are so proud to be in a family of businesses committed to solving environmental and social problems. It wasn’t easy, but getting B Corp certified shows our commitment to being and creating the very best for the world. Learn more about B Corps here or see how we rate.