DIY Wrapping Paper 2020 style
DIY Wrapping Paper 2020 style

DIY Wrapping Paper 2020 style

Still stuck in the house? Same.

With us still avoiding shopping malls and department stores we’re using the extra time we have at home to make our own wrapping paper. Talk about sustainable, eh?

These following DIY around-the-house-wrapping tips will save you a trip to the store (and the planet!)

Sunday comics
This is an all-time favorite that never goes out of style. Grab last week's paper and separate each section. Mom gets the fashion section, Dad gets sports, and your uncle can enjoy Sunday’s comics.

Paper bags from the grocery store
Grab your old paper grocery bags from under the sink and flip them inside out. Kraft paper never goes out of style and is the perfect blank slate to add ribbons, bows, and names to!

Your children’s art
Grandma and Grandpa will love this one. Let the little ones decorate scrap paper with fun holiday messages, stories, and doodles and use this as your wrapping paper. It’s a perfect personal touch.

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