Dad’s Uses For Our Products
Dad’s Uses For Our Products

Dad’s Uses For Our Products

How do you shop for a dad that already has the best gift ever -- you? If you feel inclined to give him a little more this Father's Day, we compiled a list of helpful products that he'll actually use (and won't collect dust in a drawer).

Check out our Father’s Day gift guide to help dad around the garage. 


Be Good: Soft but tough bristles work wonderfully for cleaning wheels – non-scratch even on painted or power coated finishes!  

Tidy: Great for under the hood detailing where a cloth with scrubbing power is needed. 

Dust Whisperer: Easily removes dust from the dashboard and other interior panels.  

Bottle Service: Use with favorite spray detailer, glass cleaner or liquid wax. 

Tiny Team: The perfect workbench companion for cleaning up sawdust, metal shavings or whatever other mess made. 

Scour Pads: The Neat Nut works well for removing soot and dirt from exhaust tips, engine bays and other non-painted surfaces. They also are a great tool for surface prep before spray painting. 

Ctrl Alt Clean: The perfect interior accessory. The microfiber pad is perfect for cleaning the fingerprint-laden touch screen of modern entertainment systems while the brush and detail nib make quick work of cleaning dust and dirt out of every nook and cranny of the dash, console and seats.  

Fuzz Off or Laundry Mitt: Pet hair and cloth seats can be a pain. No problem with these two items! 

Renew Cloths: The glass cleaning set is great for all auto glass to leave a streak free shine, the all purpose set works well for dusting, applying wax/polish/sealant, and for drying the exterior after a wash.

Be Good
Walnut Scour Pads

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