Introducing: Bottle Service!
Introducing: Bottle Service!

Introducing: Bottle Service!

  We know it was only last month that we told you about our product development team and their ability to make products that soar to new heights with regard to function, sustainability, and design. Well, here they’ve gone and done it again. Introducing Bottle Service, our new glass spray bottle with a silicone base and bamboo neck that was created to up your cleaning game. Just think about how many plastic spray bottles wind up in landfills. Many cleaning solutions can be harsh not just on the planet but also on your home. And making your own plant-based cleaning solution is easier than you think, safer for you, your family (children and pets can be curious!), and our beloved planet earth. And with Bottle Service, we make it even easier.


Bottle Service was designed to allow you to make your own cleaning solutions at home or to refill your favorite plant-based natural products (remember we told you about our favorites? the Grove’s cleaning concentrates!), helping you to minimize waste and to be kinder to planet earth. Our absolute best homemade plant-based cleaning solution is one part vinegar, one part water, and 30-ish drops of your favorite essential oil (we are partial to tea tree because it has that clean scent!). Bottle service also has two openings for refilling – at the top of the glass for a wider mouth, or the top of the bamboo for something narrower. The sprayer was also designed to not pinch your fingers, which can sometimes happen with tighter heads. And the silicone bottom helps to protect your glass bottle (and your surfaces!).


The sustainability quotient on Bottle Service is two-fold. First, in its components. The body of the bottle is made of glass – did you know that glass produces meaningfully less carbon dioxide than plastic or stainless steel in the manufacturing process? Bottle Service also has a bamboo neck (hurray for renewable resources!) and a silicone base (durable and more ocean friendly than plastic). Second, Bottle Service allows you to create the aforementioned sustainable cleaning solutions.


The silhouette of this spray bottle is sleek and simple, and the glass/bamboo is a beautiful combination. You won’t want to tuck this product away; it looks so good you’ll be happy to have it on your countertop within reach for any spills or spots that need cleaning up!

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