Introducing: Tag Team!
Introducing: Tag Team!

Introducing: Tag Team!

Our goal is to always be creating new, long-lasting products that are functionally, sustainably, and aesthetically the best out there. Sometimes, it’s tough to reinvent products that are simple and straightforward like sponges and brushes – but our product development team does it and we are in awe of them. They’ve created sponges made from natural cellulose with scrubbers made out of walnut shells and bamboo brushes with recycled replaceable heads shaped for champagne flutes or water glasses, some that are tough on cast iron and others gentle on non-stick – they are really at the top of their game. And they’ve done it again. 

Introducing their latest feat: the Tag Team – a stellar broom and dustpan set that has honed in on small but meaningful ways of radical improvement! We were tired of the options on the market: mostly plastic, of course; or when the dustpan is made from aluminum it often gets bent out of shape early; wood-handled corn brooms tend to be designed for outdoor use or commercial spaces, not our homes; and many dustpans also involve some sort of crouching that requires we hold the broom far too low and attempt to balance the handle that is bobbing above us as we sweep debris into our dustpan and hope it doesn’t just slide beneath it; and across the board, few dustpans effectively transfer debris into the trash without some mishap where at least some of it winds up on the floor.


This dustpan changes everything. First, it stands up on its own, making sweeping up messes simpler than squatting down and holding the broom at an awkward angle. The dustpan also has a pivoting head which means you won’t spill half of its contents onto the floor when you’re emptying it into the trash, which let’s be real, happens all of the time. The dustpan also contains teeth to comb through the broom bristles, so you aren’t saving some of the floor debris in your broom for later.

The broom locks into the dustpan for easy storage. And it’s a slim set too, so you’ll be able to tuck it away easily in a tight space.


Made from bamboo, recycled aluminum, and recycled plastic, it is a million steps in the right direction and away from the typical 100% virgin plastic options out there. Full Circle also works with an aluminum supplier that upcycles aluminum scraps (scraps that would otherwise be sent to a landfill!), working towards a closed-loop manufacturing process.


They say there’s no accounting for taste, but some things are just objectively true. And this set is a beaut. Just see for yourself!

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