Introducing The Bathroom Collection
Introducing The Bathroom Collection

Introducing The Bathroom Collection

Our homes are our sanctuaries. They are our refuge from the outside world and our places of comfort and togetherness with our loved ones. So we carefully curate them, choosing items that we have confidence in for their craftsmanship, design, function, and hopefully, kindness to the planet. For years, when it came to cleaning tools, we didn’t have the same opportunity. We were forced to choose one aspect that mattered most to us – often sacrificing design for function or sustainability for design, for example. And even on the rare occasion when we could have it all, often the cost would be prohibitive.

That’s why at the core of our Full Circle philosophy is the belief that we should not have to compromise – we should all be able to find affordable, beautiful, well-made, sustainable tools for the home. Every time we create a product, we hold ourselves to that standard.

Our bathroom collection is a case-study in the art of uncompromise. Made predominantly of ceramic and bamboo with select items also using recycled aluminum and recycled plastic, it is sustainable, objectively elegant, and with our Dry Earth™ technology, hyperfunctional.

Dry Earth™, what’s that? Dry Earth™ is made from sea fossils and naturally absorbs excess water. We compress it into a disk at the base of our toothbrush holder, toilet brush, and plunger to keep the containers dry while preventing bacteria and mold from growing. We repeat, you don’t have to worry about standing water pooling at the bottom of any of these items, because Dry Earth™ transforms it into thin air. Literally.

Meet the Team: Our ceramic soap dish Raise(s) the Bar. Its ridges keep your soap high and dry, instead of low and soaked. Which means your soap will last longer too. And we’re doing everything we can to Keep It Clean with our toothbrush holder, a beautiful addition to your countertop – it keeps toothbrushes tidy and separated (who wants their toothbrush swapping spit with someone else’s?) and has that Dry Earth™ magic going for it. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention another cool kid on the countertop, the Pick Me Up, our cotton swab dispenser. And we round out the team with our very own regalia: the Royal Plunge (if the name isn’t obvious enough, our plunger!) and Scrub Queen, our replaceable toilet brush – both of which are also hip to that Dry Earth™ magic.

Whatever you choose for your home, we hope you don’t compromise. Because you don’t have to.

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