Make your bathroom your happy place
Make your bathroom your happy place

Make your bathroom your happy place

Are you spending a lot of time in your bathroom now? Many of us are – more frequent trips, taking longer baths, and even just a little self-care skincare routine. Because of this, we’ve decided to breathe new life into our boring bathroom – a few small, but meaningful changes to redo the space and make our time inside its walls more enjoyable.

A cozy floor is underrated. Sure, we all have bath mats for when our wet feet need someplace to land, but what about when we’re standing at the sink or just walking onto a cold floor, or when we want to feel like our bathroom is a sanctuary? A bathroom rug changes everything so consider thrifting one online or repurposing one from another space where it isn’t being used or isn’t seen.

We love most things DIY so we’re also keen on painting something old and making it new again – storage shelving, a wooden wastebasket, even a stool. Research shows that making something useful again and giving it purpose makes us happier. Research also shows that new décor can make us happier too. So doing it this way is a double joy.

Bathroom accessories make a big difference. Have you ever been in your bathroom and looked around and felt serene in the space only to scan further and see a clunky plastic toilet brush stand or bright red plunger just out in the open? We look inward here to our bathroom collection made from ceramic, recycled aluminum, bamboo, and dry earth (which keeps them antimicrobial and clean!), they are beautifully designed and will not disrupt the calm of your bathroom.

Lastly, never underestimate a good sifting through. When your medicine cabinet is overflowing and the ones beneath the sink are in disarray it can make things overwhelming. Tidying up does make a world of difference.

We hope your bathroom is your new happy place.

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