Summer is the season to escape the screens in our life (unless it’s a movie in the park, which we love!) and reconnect with nature. We make space for conversations with our partners and kids and we drown out the everyday noise so we can remember the sound of the birds, and the quiet of the wind in the trees. 

It’s our return to nature. Our chance to remember what life was like when things were less complicated and fun was easy to find. And it’s everywhere! Maybe your town has a botanical gardens or arboretum, a nearby state park or forest preserve, even your own backyard. Just step outside and follow the green.

For eons, nature has been the root (pun so intended!) inspiration for art so we searched the blogosphere for simple, fun outdoor art projects. 

Expelliarmus! A nature wand is an extraordinary piece of magic.

Butterflying: instead of catching them in jars, make your own with your children

Natural Royal Headwear: Kids love crowns, we do too. This list of the best ones offers you 18 different options!

And there’s always the old favorites, leaf rubbings and pressing and drying flowers.

Now let’s get outside and DIY it!

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