Our Packaging Journey
Our Packaging Journey

Our Packaging Journey

We’re like everyone else who turns into an eight-year-old at the sight of bubble wrap (it’s just sooo fun to pop!). However, we also have the sense to know that our planet isn’t a huge fan of bubble wrap. Or wasteful packaging peanuts. Or excess plastic. 

Most retailers use enough packaging to turn your order into a set of stacking babushka dolls, with layer, after layer, after layer of cardboard, paper, and plastic. Strict company standards also mean that most items are put into polybags—clear polyethylene bags that are not only awful for our environment, but may potentially be toxic for us, too. 

We like to do things a little differently at Full Circle Home. Instead of excess, expect just enough. Our use of intentional design, earth friendly materials, and responsible practices isn’t just found in our products, it’s incorporated into our sustainable packaging initiatives, too. 

That’s why you’ll see as minimal packaging as possible. In fact, aside from our cellulose cloths and sponges, none of our products are 100% covered in packaging! 

For some of the items we sell, properties like moisture retention are necessary, and plastic is currently the only suitable packaging material. 

In these cases, we use it as little as possible. We also label our plastic packaging clearly with its respective recycling codes, so that you know how to responsibly dispose of it—which makes it easier for the material recovery facilities, too. 

We’re conscious about every aspect of our packaging—down to the use of non-toxic inks! Even the packaging we use with our manufacturing partners and in our warehouses is carefully considered. We reuse wooden pallets and repurpose pieces when the pallets are no longer functional. We’re also currently looking into green pallet wraps to replace the plastic ones we currently use. 

As can be seen, sustainable packaging is a journey. Our sustainable packaging initiatives are continuously improving and evolving as we find better innovations and materials to make our packaging even greener.  

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