Paint On!
Paint On!

Paint On!

Summertime, with all of its extra daylight hours, is lovely. But sometimes, we need to fill those extra hours and get creative. Especially on days with no school, no summer camp, no work, and no local goings on!

One our favorite momma's, Messy Haired Mom, showed us how she keeps her kiddo's occupied with a little help from us!

Did you know that our dish brushes double as PAINT brushes? They do! The recycled bristles are the perfect texture and the shapes are exactly right for fireworks, trees, the sun, water – really, everything. The Be Good dish brush, with its round head, is spectacular for red, white, and blue fireworks or a big bright yellow sun, while the Laid Back has the right angles for leaves, tree branches, the sun’s rays, and beachy waves.

So grab some washable paint, some paper, and your Full Circle dish brushes and do your best Monet. Clean up is simpler than anything because the brushes just go back to their natural home – under the faucet in the kitchen sink! 

Check out Messy Haired Mom's crafts below!

"We spent the morning doing some holiday crafts. As many of you know, I’ve been using Full Circle home products for years now. We got pretty creative this morning when Mommy couldn’t find any paint brushes 😝 Not only are they great products for parents, they’re perfect for little hands too! Today we used their potato and mushroom scrubbers for firework painting and cleaned our brushes in between paint colors with their “bubble up” dish. After the mess, I handed the kids a few of their cellulose sponge cloths to absorb all the paint and water mess left behind."


Be sure to post and tag your art project for us to see with #FullCircleArtProject!

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