Picture Perfect Picnic
Picture Perfect Picnic

Picture Perfect Picnic

The sun is shining, there’s a perfect breeze to keep you cool, you’ve got a glass of rosé in one hand and the book you’ve been meaning to read in the other. Your kids are off in the distance running and playing without fighting with each other. We know, that’s #dreamlife. So maybe the kids are bickering here and there, and you only have time for the odd magazine article, but there is truly nothing like a picnic on a beautiful summer day.

Except traditional picnics love single-use plastics so that rosé might be in a plastic cup and your food in plastic containers accompanied by plastic utensils. We know you’re busy, and our #goal is to help you find what works for you. And sometimes you need quick and easy above all else. So, we’ve got you covered whatever your needs and however you can balance it all – so you can feel good about taking care of your family and friends, and the planet too.

Here are some tips and tricks from the Full Circle family to help you plan the perfect eco-friendly picnic:

-Starting with that rosé, consider a reusable alternative (stainless steel tumblers keep your drinks cold!) or paper cups if you need something disposable because sometimes you do (there are tree-free options also, made from bamboo!).

-Pack your food in reusable containers. Our Ziptucks are excellent for this, they’re strong and water-tight and once they’re empty, they’re hardly noticeable and easy to clean.

-For reusable silverware there are endless options: bamboo, stainless steel, wood, it’s all up to you. And if you still need disposable items, consider compostable utensils or wooden chopsticks (kids love practicing their chopstick skills -- try this method to create DIY training chopsticks using extra ones from your Chinese takeout!).

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