Pro Tip : Cleaning Outdoor Furniture
Pro Tip : Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

Pro Tip : Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

Memorial Day came early this year. And it was a strange new reality for all of us. But we tried to carry on and celebrate. This time the gathering was smaller, and we couldn’t go to the beach, but the weather was warm and sunny, so we barbecued outside as always.

The day before, we couldn’t help noticing that our outdoor furniture looked pretty sad. It was dirty and dull, and we even lamented that maybe we chose the wrong wood. But we knew it wasn’t the wood that was wrong. Ask anyone, even the layperson, what type of wood is best for outdoor furniture and they’re bound to say “teak.” We knew it was us, not the teak.

So, we did what do best and we cleaned it. With the simplest tools around – dish soap, a bucket of warm water, the garden hose, and our tough stuff brush. And it was LIFE CHANGING. Our chairs went from dull, dirty, and gray to bright and clean with the natural warm brown of teak shining through. We threw the cushion covers into the wash while we scrubbed and when all was done, our chairs looked like new again.

Though, we’re going to warn you, just because the tools and strategy were simple doesn’t mean the process was – it took some serious elbow grease. All in all, half a day’s work. But it was worth it. On many levels – it even replaced our workout for the day. We’re living in our homes in ways we never have before, spending more time in all of our spaces, and when we can feel good in them, when they’re clean and comforting, that makes a big difference.

So, grab a bucket, dish soap, your favorite heavy-duty scrub brush, and get to work. It will change things for you. Like it did for us.

This is a photo of our clean chair next to the side table that hadn’t been clean yet. They’re the same material, same company, same everything. Best before and after we’ve seen in a while. 

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