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Refresh the Routine

Summer may be right around the corner but your routine is still revolving around your children’s busy life. School time, play time, and nap time are ruling over everyone’s schedules. Refresh that routine by taking the troublesome, time-consuming hassle out of it!

By this time in the school year, your son or daughters backpack is probably a black hole of pencils, crumpled paper, and graham cracker crumbs. Dump that bag upside down and start fresh. Our Ziptucks are the perfect organizer for all school supplies, yummy snacks, action figures, and little doodles. No more digging through the chaos of their backpack at the end of every day. Let them pick a pattern for certain subjects or let them write on our clear Ziptucks in dry erase marker and re-label each week!

Once you’ve nailed organizing the backpack, the next step is the playroom. Our tip is to use clear boxes so you can see exactly what’s in each bin. You don’t have to worry about labeling them if you can see directly in, which means you can reuse them or repurpose them once they’ve served their purpose!

Labeled paper folders also help when organizing any artwork or differentiating between your children’s work -- plus they’re recyclable! Simple organizational tricks mean your kids can help you clean up. Less clean up means more playtime. Yes, please!  

Backpack and Shelf Organization

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