Round of Applause for Dry Earth!
Round of Applause for Dry Earth!

Round of Applause for Dry Earth!

Let’s get real close and personal with our planet—because we’re bringing the outside indoors by welcoming diatomaceous earth into our homes. 

Diatomaceous earth gets its name from what it’s made of—diatoms, or tiny aquatic species that accumulate in our waterways. Diatomaceous earth is essentially a collection of fossilized remains. It’s high in silica, so it’s used to treat certain health conditions.

While it’s fascinating that diatomaceous earth may help improve the quality of our skin, teeth, hair, bones, and nails, that’s not exactly why we’re interested in having it in our bathroom. 

See, silica provides a few other functions, too. When the ancient Greeks first discovered diatomaceous earth, they used it to make building blocks and bricks. In Europe, diatomaceous earth was used for a range of industrial uses—and it still is!

The dry powder contains roughly 80-90% silica and it’s a perfect material to use to clean up spills, filter liquids, scrub surfaces, or use for insulation. That’s why we developed our type of diatomaceous earth, Dry Earth™, for use in some of our products.

In products like our Keep it Clean toothbrush holder, Dry Earth™ absorbs the excess water, keeping nasty mold and bacteria at bay. While it serves the same purpose in our Royal Plunge plunger, we’ll also treat Dry Earth™ like royalty because it’s a naturally occurring material that is sustainable and constantly regenerating itself.   

Diatomaceous earth isn’t going away anytime soon, but that stinky smell at the bottom of your toothbrush holder is. Say buh bye to mold, mildew, and bacteria—all thanks to Dry Earth™.

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