Simple, Sustainable Swaps for Spring
Simple, Sustainable Swaps for Spring

Simple, Sustainable Swaps for Spring

Your Facebook and Instagram feed probably looks like everyone you know is Marie-Kondoing their homes and lives. We know going through your kitchen, junk drawer, and closets can feel like a huge undertaking, so we’re helping you start slowly with some simple and sustainable swaps for Spring!

You’re well aware of the Straw-Mageddon going on across the country right now and you might be getting self-conscious of all the plastic straws you go through each month. We’ll admit that we were a bit put off of reusable straws after having negative experiences with paper straws slowly disintegrating in our mouth when trying to enjoy a nice iced tea.

Our favorite straw-swap is glass! While being durable enough to carry on the go, the glass won’t affect the taste of whatever you’re drinking like plastic or stainless steel will. It’s a win-win!

Afraid of germs or getting smoothie guck stuck in the straw? Our Little Sipper Drinkware Cleaner will get into every nook and cranny and leave your straw crystal clear.

Now that you’re a pro at swapping out single-use plastic, we'll let you in on a fact that the average family goes through 500 Ziploc bags a year. Insane, right? Our next simple swap is everyone’s favorite Ziptucks! Our Ziptuck storage bags are cute, reusable, and customizable. Whether you’re organizing snacks, lunches, Legos, or hair ties, our multi-size bags make cutting out single-use plastic fun and easy.

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