Successful and Sustainable BTS
Successful and Sustainable BTS

Successful and Sustainable BTS

Whether you’re shopping for back to school supplies or pulling together your first college dorm, it’s easier than ever to reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

  • Before heading to Staples or, take inventory of what you have at home. With all the unknown from last year (not to mention the increase in DIY projects), there’s a chance you have a bunch of products that still have some life in them. 
  • When searching for the perfect notebook, look for items that are made from recycled materials or post-consumer recycled content. When searching for this year’s lunchbox, backpack, or tote, check our products made from recycled water bottles. We recommend our Out of the Blue collection. Our ocean inspired designs repurpose plastic-waste to create a durable, recycled fabric, certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Made of recycled plastic bottles, your purchase helps divert plastic waste from landfills. We even offer reusable utensils making packing a lunch greener than ever. 
  • If possible, have your children pack their lunch. When children pack a lunch, you can help them make healthier choices. It’s easier to eat organic and be less wasteful when kids aren’t stuck with whatever options happen to be available in the cafeteria that day. By bringing only the food they know they’ll eat, you can help minimize food waste and save money too.
  • When packing a lunch, be sure to use reusable containers! We, of course, recommend our Out of the Blue collection and our Ziptucks, skipping the single-use plastic bags can make a huge difference. 

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