The NY Plastic Bag Ban is here!
The NY Plastic Bag Ban is here!

The NY Plastic Bag Ban is here!

New York State’s (the home of Full Circle’s HQ) bag ban has officially gone into effect! This ban applies to all single-use plastic bags provided by stores to carry out goods – that means your local grocery, your favorite retailer (we love you Target!), and any other small businesses you frequent.

The workaround? BYOB (bring your own bag!) While many of you are seasoned pro’s at bringing your reusable tote or produce bag – it never hurts to get a refresher.

The goal of the plastic bag ban is to reduce single-use plastic pollution in New York, to say goodbye to all the floating plastic bags in the air, the tattered bags wrapped in trees, and clogged street drains.

By next month, all grocery and retail stores will need to switch over to paper and/or reusable bags. So, while you’ll still be able to walk out of a store with a bag, we still recommend bringing your own.

Don’t have a favorite bag to bring along? We’ve got you tote-ally covered. Introducing the Tote-Ally 4-Piece Market Set. This smart, soft grocery tote and set of three mesh produce bags not only replaces single-use bags but it’s also made from 100% recycled plastic (with a small metal clip), so it’s keeping old plastic out of the oceans and landfills. Its two external pockets are perfect for stalks or leafy greens and the inside pocket is a handy place for your wallet and keys. Each produce bag is tare weight-labeled, so you won’t be overcharged and it all collapses down to a pouch smaller than most paperbacks. Tote-ally cool.

Happy shopping, New Yorkers!

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