Do you ever feel like you just raked leaves only to find the lawn or backyard strewn with leaves again? We feel like we can’t rake fast enough during the fall and sometimes we just can’t be bothered. So we’re getting creative -- those leaves are too beautiful and colorful to just go to waste right away. What to do? DIY crafts with the kids! While we absolutely love leaf wreaths, the kiddo’s really love creating some quirky fall friends. Both make the absolute greatest décor for Thanksgiving!

First things first, send your kids to search for perfect leaves. This alone can take a good hour. For a wreath, the fuller the better so you’ll want to tell them to collect at least 200. And remind them that leaves that are still in tact and not too dry are the most pliable for garland, and a variety of colors and sizes will really make a difference.

A lot of the leaves can come back into the house with some damp, gunk on them. Since dry leaves are especially fragile, we recommend our gentle Fun Guy Mushroom Brush to sweep off any traces of the great outdoors.

Fall Friends. Supplies: leaves, paint, markers, googly eyes (or make your own!). How to: once your kids have collected the leaves have them flatten them in a heavy book for an hour or so. Once they’ve flattened out to your liking, take a leaf or two and draw some cute animal faces on them. A cat and mouse? A fox and hound? Add paint, marker, and googly eyes to make the furry friends really come to life! When the funs over and there’s a guaranteed mess, we recommend Squeeze Cellulose Sponge Cloths and Tidy Dish Cloths. 

Leaf Wreaths. Supplies: cardboard, scissors, twine/ribbon, glue, and leaves. How to: find an old piece of cardboard or cardboard box and cut out a wreath template [depending on how old and adept with scissors your child is, this part might be your job -- we even struggle when cutting cardboard and we’re fully grown adults, so it may be your job no matter what]. Once you’ve cut the wreath template, have your kids glue the leaves on top making sure to be generous so the cardboard is covered and the wreath is nice and full. They can even add acorns or other fun festive pieces of your backyard. Once it dries, tie the twine or ribbon to the top and hang it on your door!

We know the leaves have accumulated again. Sometimes you just have to ignore them and enjoy your new home decor!

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