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Shave The Day

Beard Trimming Cleanup Tool

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  • Natural-latex sponge & bristles so you can use it wet OR dry
  • Locks together and stands up for easy storage
  • Reduces paper towel waste
  • 3.94" x 3.15" x 1.10"| 10cm x 8cm x 2.79cm

”I cleaned up!” he says. The countertop disagrees: tiny specks of hair everywhere, stuck on everything – until now. Made of recycled plastic and bamboo, Shave the Day’s natural latex sponge cleans up small wet hairs and the bristles easily sweep up the dry ones into its handy dustpan, sparing your sink (and taking your plumber off speed-dial). The tool locks into its dustpan for easy storage -- it’s our pocket-sized solution that shaves the day.


Recycled Plastic, Bamboo, Natural Latex

Natural-latex sponge and nylon bristles allow you to tackle wet or dry messes, leaving your sink spotless.


For the longest life, wash in warm water with some soap and allow to dry. Do not leave soaked for long periods of time.