Are We There Yet?
Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

Summer vacation with your family is in full swing and we’ll bet that means car trips! And no matter how near or how far, being in the car can be tiring and boring for the kids if you’re not well prepared. Whatever the distance, we’ve got ideas for games to play in the car and fun pit stops to keep things moving and keep your kids from asking that dreaded question – are we there yet?

Car Games!
Alphabetical Categories: choose a category (animals, foods, movies) and take turns going through the alphabet naming things within the category.

The Movie Game: name an actor, the next person names a movie that actor was in, then the next person names another actor from that film, then a new film with the next actor, and so on and so forth.

The Singing Game: Think Pitch Perfect’s Riff Off. Someone starts singing a song and the next person continues using a lyric from the song that connects to a new song. Again, so on and so forth.

Other classic fun games include 20 questions, Botticelli, and Cow’s on My Side (where you shout that phrase when you pass a cow and it’s on your side of the car).

Pit Stops!
Local Treats: Kids are aces these days on devices. Tell them to search along the route for the best ice cream or pie (maybe give it a review requirement of at least 4 stars and 25 reviews) and as long as it keeps the detour under 15 minutes and they don’t drive you crazy, you’ll stop there.

Take a Farm Fresh Five: When you see a farm fresh [insert whatever fruit] sign, stop for five minutes to refuel your kids. They’ll stretch their legs, eat a healthy snack, and have full bellies back in the car.

Other helpful tools in our car trip survival kit include kid-friendly podcasts and audiobooks, or helpful apps for pitstop planning like Along the Way.

And we wouldn’t be Full Circle if we didn’t acknowledge the messes that will inevitably happen at some point. But we’ve got you covered. Our CTRL ALT CLEAN will tackle the gunk on any of your screens – large or small. So if sticky fingers left swipe smears, don’t stress.

And our detail brush, aptly named the Micro Manager, easily gets into the tiny crevices in cars that are filled with dried ketchup or ice cream.

The Squeeze is perfect for spills, just wipe them up and wring it out. And don’t forget our Tiny Team, the perfect sidekick for sweeping up crushed Cheerios and other crumbs. 

So enjoy being on the road again! And whatever you do, don’t forget to pack snacks (if you have any spare ZipTucks, they’re excellent for this purpose)!

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