National Watermelon Day!
National Watermelon Day!

National Watermelon Day!

Watermelon is synonymous with summer. It is, quite frankly, the fruit of all fruits when the days are long and school is out. It’s hardly a barbecue without it and it’s a secret way to keep kids hydrated when they’re too busy playing to be bothered to have a drink of water!

So let’s talk watermelons, from how to choose the right one to the many things you can do with it, we’re ready and excited to explore it all. 
Generally in season May through September, its peak readiness will vary depending on where you live. But there are some secrets to finding that perfectly sweet, deliciously juicy, bright pink beauty.

So when choosing a watermelon, follow these three important rules (in order of importance!):

1.  It should be heavy! Whether you get a mini or a whopper, you want it to be weighty for its size.

2.  Look for a big ripe yellow spot – the yellower the better! Watermelons get a white patch where they rest on the ground. When that patch turns yellow, the watermelon is ready!

3.  When you knock on it, listen for a hollow reverberating sound. This just reaffirms that there is a whole lot of juice in that baby.

How to Zero Waste your watermelon:

1.  Roasted watermelon seeds make a delicious snack!

2.  Pickled watermelon rind too! It also pairs nicely with meat!

3.  The fruit is the easy part: in a fruit salad, a slice on its own, with feta, or balsamic, juiced (which, with a watermelon just means it went through the blender on high speed), or to flavor lemonade, you’ve got options.


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