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Branchin' Out

We’re proud of our products. And we’re not shy about letting you know. But you know that sometimes when we look at what our product development team has come up with, we think: we’re not worthy. The Branch Out is one of these examples. Our new countertop drying rack has changed our kitchen entirely (and how often we have to wash our dish cloths or Tough Sheet!).

How often do you precariously pile up awkwardly shaped items onto your dish rack and inevitably they fall over? Branch Out solves all of that. Made of ceramic and recycled plastic with a bamboo cap, Branch Out is ideal for cups, water bottles, and other awkwardly shaped items. If you’re someone who orders takeout or delivery often, this is exactly the dish rack for you. And if you’re not, there is still no better way to dry.

Branch Out has strong rotating arms to hold things like glass bottles, a ribbed base to keep caps and lids high and dry, and it’s the perfect place to hang your dish cloths and reusable plant towels like our Tough Sheet (this keeps them free from mildew and grime, and longer lasting!). Branch Out also saves the day (and tons of water) when the dishwasher is empty, and you only have a few things in the sink.

As for storage, it fits in a shallow drawer if you need it to. And the truth is, it looks great on our countertop so we would never think about putting it away but let’s say, for the sake of it, that you want to. Well, then the top unscrews, and the trunk lays flat with the rotating arms all aligned. It also takes up very little space on the counter since it is an upright drying rack. This is the ultimate small footprint.

And Branch Out is the ultimate new drying rack. FCH Team Product Developers, we salute you.

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