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Our Newest Material? Coconut!

You know, we realize that some of you might not be cleaning fanatics like we are. Much of it is tiresome and frustrating and takes putting a shoulder in. But whether you like cleaning and making things new again or you begrudgingly take on these tasks, our newest sponge and scrubber mates will make the whole process just a little bit sunnier.

Introducing Cleaña Colada, a scrubber sponge, and Beachy Clean, a scour pad – both made with coconut husks – our toughest abrasives yet. This plant-based duo is our new favorite team because it tackles big jobs while still staying easy on the environment. Beachy Clean is made entirely of coconut husks and recycled plastic. Cleaña Colada is a scour pad and sponge combination, so it is made from cellulose as well. And both are tough enough for the big summer jobs – like the grill, or dried up barbecue sauces, and sticky popsicle messes.

But those aren’t the reasons why you’re going to really love them. These new tools are naturally coconut scented. Research says that scent memory is strong and that certain smells can allow us to recall things with little to no interference so, now when you do the dishes you can remember that beach vacation you last took or the first time you visited the ocean. Which, since none of us is traveling the way we used to, is a small simple joy.

Here’s to the small simple things.

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