The Tough-est Sheet
The Tough-est Sheet

The Tough-est Sheet

We keep selling out of one product faster than we can make it: Tough Sheet. Our tree-free, reusable paper towel substitute made from bamboo that we have dubbed a “plant towel” is the best thing to happen to cleaning tools since…well, it’s just the best thing. When compared with traditional paper towels it is superior in every way – sturdier, longer lasting, easier on the environment, and nicer looking (it’s got a green plant print on it!) to boot.

So how long do they last really? Each sheet is meant replace one roll of traditional paper towels, which for most families is on average about a week. How long does one roll of traditional paper towels last in your house? That’ll give you a rough idea of what to expect. But there’s more to these tough sheets than that. They can last a lot longer than you might think with just three simple steps.

First, always rinse and wring them out after use. If they are left soaked in whatever mess they were meant to clean up they’ll begin to smell and mildew, which means you’ll just want to throw them away.

Next, always hang them to air dry. If you leave them balled up in the sink or on the counter, they will decompose more quickly. They are plant-based after all, and they are meant to biodegrade!

Lastly, if you have used one for a particularly tough job or it has been used to excess and you think its life is over, toss it in the washing machine instead of trying to clean it under the faucet (just be sure it doesn’t sneak into the dryer!). This will give you one last go-round with it.

And there you have it. The TOUGHest SHEET.

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