Earth Day Activities for Little Ones
Earth Day Activities for Little Ones

Earth Day Activities for Little Ones

No age is too young to learn about the importance of Earth Day and why we celebrate it each year. Get a head start on celebrating by sitting down with your little ones this weekend to do fun Earth Day activities that educate and inspire them to make smart, eco-friendly decisions even at a young age!

Click here to download an Earth Day word search and word scramble. 

For a more hands-on activity, try junk art! Here are two favorites from Co-Founder and CEO Heather Kauffman.

DIY Egg Carton Dragonfly 
Supplies needed:
Egg carton cut in half lengthwise
Additional box
Pipe cleaners
Colorful tissue or construction paper (or clip colorful pages from old magazines!)

1. Paint egg carton
2. Cut wing shapes from box
3. Glue on colorful pieces of paper
4. Glue wings onto back of dragonfly
5. Poke two holes in front and stick pipe cleaners through for antennae

DIY Wind Chimes
Supplies needed:
Tin cans, cleaned with labels removed
Nuts, washers, other things that make noise

1. Wash cans thoroughly and remove labels then paint the cans
2. Drill tiny holes in the bottom of each can
3. String twine through each can, tying nuts, washers or other pieces that will make noise
4. Tie together at the top and “enjoy” the cacophony

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