Green up the BBQ
Green up the BBQ

Green up the BBQ

If you’re anything like us (the old us), when you think backyard BBQ, you probably imagine plastic solo cups, hot dogs on styrofoam plates, and wads of ketchup covered napkins. With some easy, reusable swaps you can instantly take your BBQ from wasteful to tasteful. 

Ziptucks - We recommend reminding your guests to bring their own reusable containers to pack up any leftovers. If you still have some macaroni or potato salad laying around grab one of our Ziptucks and toss it in the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch. 

Tough Sheet or Kind Cloths - Depending on the aesthetic of the afternoon, we recommend swapping out napkins or paper towels for our Tough Sheet Reusable Bamboo Plant Towels. Use them just as you would paper towels, but just one roll replaces 30 rolls of traditional paper towels. Instead of letting everyone grab endless amounts of napkins, hand out our Kind Plant Dyed Kitchen Cloths. These 100% organic cotton cloths dry quickly and prevent odors. Once the party wraps, just toss them in the wash!  

Mason jars - Not only do they replace single-use plastic cups, mason jars look great at any party. Give everyone a glass at the beginning of the BBQ. You can even hand out oil-based markers to personalize and label each glass for your guests. At the end of the day, use lemon essential oils to remove the marker if needed! Just a drop will quickly remove any marker. 

Compostable plates - You can always use your real plates, but sometimes that’s just not realistic (especially with kids around). We recommend swapping out the go-to styrofoam plates for recyclable paper plates or even compostable sugarcane pulp plates. Serve snacks, appetizers, side dishes, and entrees on the plates without worry about waste.

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