Tackle Summer Allergies
Tackle Summer Allergies

Tackle Summer Allergies

Spring allergies get all the attention, but if you’re like us -- summer allergies are coming on strong this year. Have no fear, we have some tips and tricks to help tackle some of your symptoms.

1. Try wetting your Dust Whisperer before you tackle dusting. As you’ve probably noticed before, sometimes a dry duster just moves the dust around -- especially if there’s a lot. Moistening the duster before starting your chores helps to capture the dust and the mites that feed on it (which is what you’re actually allergic to!)

2. Depending on where you live, the Covid mask mandate is probably starting to ease up. I’m sure the absolute last thing you want to do is wear a mask INSIDE your home -- but it can be a huge help in keeping allergies at bay when cleaning. The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology recommended wearing an N95 filter mask while you dust, sweep and vacuum. These masks help create a barrier between your mouth and nose and any contaminants (like dust) in the environment.

3. It may be tempting but if you’re dealing with allergies, try to skip carpet shampoos or heavily scented cleaners, sprays or candles. While it may make your home seem clean and fresh -- the fragrances in these cleaners can trigger your allergies and make them even worse. Try fragrance-free products with natural ingredients instead!

4. Mold is one of the scarier allergens out there -- despite being so common. With bathrooms being a naturally moist place, try and keep the humidity in your home under 60% at all times. Be sure to run your bathroom fans during and after a shower and clean up any leftover moisture. We recommend using our Tough Stuff or Grunge Buster brush with detergent, water, and extra elbow grease to scrub away any visible mold or places that seem to sprout mildew. Once washed, be sure to dry those areas completely! 

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