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How We Celebrate Valentine's Day

We’ll admit, we miss the days when Valentine’s Day meant you got a small card with a treat attached to it from every kid in your class. As you get older you realize, it’s complicated. But while there are endless ways to show your loved ones how much they mean to you, there is no better way than by being truly thoughtful (hint: sustainable gifts that also show love to Mother Nature!). How can you do that? We’ll tell you.

Handmade cards! Do you remember when your parents used to love the cards you’d make in school and bring home for them? There really is something to it – cutting, pasting, drawing, finding the perfect rubber stamp, and personalizing the card specifically to the recipient! A handmade card is a labor of love and we promise you it never gets tossed like mass produced cards do.

Speaking of labors of love, baking a sweet treat for your loved one(s) is another deeply thoughtful, earth-friendly, delicious Valentine’s gift. Check out this list of easy Valentine’s desserts that you can make! Or if your special people don’t have big sweet teeth then consider a savory option like this rosemary shortbread or these cheddar biscuits! If you have the time you can even cook dinner – say, a favorite meal?

In our busy worlds, we often don’t have the time to slow down and say how we feel. We hurriedly kiss our partners or kids or loved ones’ goodbye, a quick “love you,” and we’re off to the races! Try taking it back to the old school (no, we don’t mean the box of candy conversation hearts) and writing a handwritten letter that explains the little things that you love about the recipient – or maybe even a big thing if you’re feeling bold – but put pen to paper and share the love.

Sometimes, words fail. Or maybe you’re not a big talker (or writer). Consider making your gift an experience instead of a thing – an ice-skating date, an indoor rock-climbing lesson, a movie night (make your own popcorn!), there are endless things to do! And if all else fails because there just aren’t enough hours in the day or big ideas to go around, go for sustainable gifting. Something recycled or repurposed, or a gift from a company with sustainable practices. These wineries make delicious bottles and there are several sustainable and fair-trade chocolate companies out there – remember you can consult the B Corp website too! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and those you love <3

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