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Warm Up, Clean Up

It’s never too early to spring clean. Because honestly, who wants to be indoors cleaning when the weather starts to get fair and the sunshine is plentiful? So, let’s take advantage now! Has it been years since you flipped your mattress? When was the last time you looked at the high shelves in your closets? Well, it’s the coldest time of the year and spring isn’t far off so it’s the perfect time to catch up on indoor chores. [And if you’re anything like us, nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a romantic afternoon of reorganization!]

Where to begin? Abandoned Territory: What are the places in your home that haven’t seen the light of day in a while? Think top shelves, closets in rooms that you don’t use often, drawers that you avoid because they are bursting. They could probably use a dusting, a swift sweep, even a damp cloth. And if it’s a particularly cold or snowy day and you’re in it for the long haul, maybe you want to take a look at those boxes in the closet whose contents are questionable at best.

Next up, Regular Haunts: The things you use every day but don’t clean nearly often enough. For example, the silverware and utensil drawers – the crumb collection in there is pretty surprising. Also, under the appliances. Have you ever removed the base grate on the bottom of your refrigerator to vacuum? Don’t just take it from us that it’s not pretty, see for yourself and feel the same sense of accomplishment when it’s clean and clear. The space beneath the edges of area rugs is often overlooked as well so fold up the sides of your area carpets, marvel at the collection of debris and get out your vacuum. Other plain sight but overlooked areas include the shower drain (the hair that collects is mind-boggling), anything with a filter (water, espresso machine, ice maker, HVAC, etc), and baseboards.

Lastly, Room Service: Nothing makes a home feel truly spring ready like fresh beds. First flip or rotate your mattress – if you have a spring mattress you should flip it entirely, if you have a foam mattress (like one from B Corp Leesa) they are designed from the bottom up so you should not flip them but instead rotate them head to foot. Then wash your base linens like your mattress cover, your pillow protectors, and if your mattress pad is washable, that too! Don’t forget that anything with down can usually be washed and should then be in the dryer with tennis or wool dryer balls (we love ours from the Grove!). Pillows can typically be washed as well and should dry the same way. But always check care labels first!

And voila! You are ready for spring’s arrival. Now, instead of being stuck inside when good weather arrives, you’ll be out and about with a perfectly clean house.


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