Learn Your ABC's
Learn Your ABC's

Learn Your ABC's

We keep a tidy house when we can but life is busy and things can devolve quickly (especially with kids!). You get us. At the end of the year, it can really feel like time is moving too fast with all of the parties and things to do.

But when you’re expecting extra guests or hosting your in-laws for the holidays, a quick once over can make a world of difference – impressing your guests and helping to manage your stress! Here are our best ideas for how to clean the areas in your house that your guests will see and notice.

Start with the kitchen. It’s where everyone gathers, especially now that most of us have open concepts. So, do a swift-eye sweep of the refrigerator and get rid of anything that looks (or smells!) dubious. Or, if you have the time and inclination, we did a post on how to really clean out your fridge a few weeks back. Give your countertops and wipe down and remember that an empty and clean sink and sink side space go a long way.

Bathrooms are a big deal. The number one room that people notice in someone else’s house? The bathroom. They’ll use it at least once (much more if they’re overnight guests!) and since they will be in there alone, they’ll be looking around everywhere. Keep your Scrub Queen at the ready and give each bathroom (particularly the guest ones) a thorough cleaning before they arrive.

Declutter. Piles of papers, stacks of unopened mail, unfolded baskets of laundry, or a pile of odds and ends can be pretty glaring. And most of us just avoid them for as long as we can. Try to sort through them when you’re catching up on your favorite show, it’ll make the process less painful. And we don’t judge so, if you absolutely have to, hide the stacks on a closet shelf or the laundry in your bedroom until after your guests depart!

Floors, floors, floors. Nobody wants to step in crumbs or stand on a sticky floor. And there really is nothing quite like a freshly vacuumed carpet or a newly mopped floor. So, keep your floor cleaning kit handy and revel in your company-ready home.

The extra mile. If you have any additional time, break out your Dust Whisperer and have at your bookshelves, baseboards, and ceiling fans.

Always Be Cleaning is our motto. We know it isn’t easy and you have a lot going on, but like we tell our kids, you have to practice your ABCs.

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