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Wrap It Up

Holiday crafting is one of our favorite activities. Earlier we suggested our favorite DIY decorations and now we’re going to give you some DIY gift-wrapping ideas to make your packages more sustainable and more festive!

How quickly do your kids tear open the wrapping paper and get straight to the gift? And we don’t blame them, the best part is beneath the wrapping. But for that week or two that the gifts sit wrapped beneath the tree or on the mantle, or for that fleeting hour at the holiday party when your gift hasn’t been torn into, the wrapping is something to admire. Here are our three favorite sustainable DIY gift wrapping projects.

Snowmen and trees. Remember when you used to wrap your books in school with paper grocery bags? It was a beautiful repurposing of an already fairly sustainable material. You can do the same for your gift wrap. Just use the inside of the bag as the outside of the paper. Then use our Crystal Clear 2.0 brush to paint snowmen or our Laid Back to paint Christmas trees on the paper for your very own personalized print – because our dish brushes are the ultimate paint brushes! Or use your hands to make your own Menorahs – two hands overlapping the thumb for the shammash makes a great version!

Who doesn’t love cereal? There is nothing like repurposing a cereal box for the ultimate gift bag, just cut off the top flaps, punch two holes at the top of each side panel, and tie with ribbon. What is dad getting for the holidays? Panda Puffs! It’s also a fun excuse for your kids to snack on cereal in order to empty the boxes!

And if you don’t have enough time to craft but you want sustainable wrapping, there’s always the funnies. When we were kids, we use to gift wrap with the comic section of the Sunday paper. It’s a quick and easy last resort when you don’t have the time to make your own!



  • Fun ideas!

    Kathy Runion

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