Love is in the Air and Who Doesn't Love a Good Party?
Love is in the Air and Who Doesn't Love a Good Party?

Love is in the Air and Who Doesn't Love a Good Party?

It’s been almost a year of us social distancing and staying at home so it’s safe to say we’ve nailed hosting parties for our little bubble. 

After a year like 2020, I don’t think we need an excuse to have a little fun -- but if you do, Valentine’s Day is around the corner! With winter in full swing we’re cozying up and making this party, a tea party with the help of some of our favorite partners. 

Grab the kids, toss on your Kind Apron and get your partner-in-crime into the kitchen and let’s throw a tea party! The best part of a tea party is the finger foods and of course, the tea -- so let’s plan the menu. 

We’re thinking adorable heart shaped, crustless sandwiches filled with cream cheese and cucumbers, a snack so easy the kids will love having a hand in helping. Our pro tip? Grab a heart-shaped cookie cutter! 

Next up? You can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without some form of chocolate and we’re making this hors-d'oeuvre fool-proof. Grab your favorite pretzels (we recommend Fitjoy’s Grain Free Pretzel Sticks) and a bag of chocolate chips from your cupboard.  If you have chocolate melts on hand, then you’re a step ahead but we recommend tossing the chocolate chips into a glass bowl and heating the chocolate in 30 second bursts, stirring between each trip to the microwave. Once your chocolate’s nice and melty, try to resist dipping all the pretzel sticks into the mixture before the tea party starts. 

While the family is munching on some delicious finger foods, it’s the perfect time to create eco-friendly Valentine’s for each other. Check out some of these amazing ideas from Rediscovered Families.

And now to warm these full bellies -- tea! We’re grabbing our favorite, eco-friendly Art of Tea organic Earl Gray sachet and some Egyptian Chamomile for the kiddos. 

You don’t think we’d leave out dessert would we? We’re letting you in on one of the easiest desserts that’s kid friendly and parent approved. If your kids are anything like ours, they are inhaling those fruit pouches from Once Upon A Farm. We love Once Upon A Farm because they’re a fellow B Corp andbecause the cups and bowls are curbside recyclable while the pouches (and caps) are recyclable via TerraCycle! We also love them because they’re DELICIOUS on top of ice cream as a nice dessert with an extra hit of nutrients. Our current go-to is the Coco for Mangoes flavor. 

Now once you’ve eaten, drank, and crafted enough for the next 365 days -- snuggle up on the couch and cuddle those closest to you. Happy Valentine’s Day!  

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