We're Big Fans of Glass
We're Big Fans of Glass

We're Big Fans of Glass

Glass is everywhere—but how many of us truly know anything about the material?

It’s obviously found in packaging for some of our favorite drink and food products, it’s also used in tableware, buildings, electronics, ships, biotechnology, cooking appliances, and even for cosmetics and household products. 

All of these items are made possible thanks to some of the amazing properties of glass:

  • It’s transparent
  • It’s resistant to heat (borosilicate glass is even more heat resistant)
  • It’s resistant to pressure
  • It’s resistant to breakage (“to a point,” says the wine glass you recently dropped…)
  • It’s resistant to most chemicals 
  • It’s non-porous (it won’t hold on to flavors or odors like plastic)
  • It’s non-toxic (no concerns about BPA, chemicals, or bacteria here!)

We should also mention that glass is sustainable. It’s made from renewable materials like sand, limestone, and soda ash (a chemical made from mined trona, which is also responsible for baking soda). 

Not only is glass made from materials that are naturally abundant, but it is fully recyclable, too. It’s one of the rare materials that has a 100% recyclability rate—meaning that it doesn’t lose quality or purity over time. We can prove the recyclability of glass—because recycled glass is what’s found in our Foamance Foaming Soap Dispenser

On the other end of things, should you happen to accidentally toss your Daytripper bottle in the recycling, it too can be transformed into a new glass product, like our Bottle Service spray bottle.  

So, not only does the use of recycled glass minimize (or completely eliminate) the energy requirements to manufacture new glass, but it can also be transformed into a new product at the end of its life. 

Think of glass as a material that can go a full circle. It can be produced, used, recycled, transformed into a new product, and used again! And that full circle can be repeated over, and over, and over again. 

See why Full Circle Home is a big fan of glass?

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