Our Responsible Sourcing & Production
Our Responsible Sourcing & Production

Our Responsible Sourcing & Production

Full Circle isn’t just our name, it’s how we do things. When we think of our entire supply chain as a circle, no one’s left out and every person and process is considered. This is where responsible sourcing and production come in.

For most companies, the final product and the bottom line are the main focus. Everything that comes before is kind of like the dust bunnies underneath your couch… you know they’re there and they mean that your living room isn’t clean. But as long as your dinner guests don’t see them, you’re okay with not spending the time to dust in unseen nooks and crannies.

But we’re not most companies, and we want cleanliness everywhere. We’re a Certified B Corporation, which means that we care about our planet and the people that inhabit it. When it comes to our workers, things like health, wellness, and safety are important, as are job satisfaction and financial security.

Simply put, we want our entire supply chain to be clean, and we don’t want to hide anything from our dinner guests (ahem, customers). We want to feel proud about what our products are—as well as how they’re produced.

This is why we only form relationships with suppliers who ensure fair and safe labor conditions for their workers and incorporate sound environmental practices to make our products. We take this an extra step by having suppliers meet a strict Code of Conduct, and they get an occasional visit from us and an audit by a third party.

What does this mean for our customers? Well, when you’re using the Dust Whisperer to finally get rid of those dust bunnies, you’re using a product that hasn’t been produced in a dirty way. Let’s face it, most things that we buy today come from exploitative, abusive, or illegal conditions. Full Circle products come from workers who are respected and treated fairly and responsibly.

When it comes to responsible sourcing and production, the folks who work in our partner factories are just as important to us as long-lasting and sustainable products. We’re Full Circle, after all, meaning that we’re all in this together.

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