Aluminum is One of the Most Widely Recycled Materials Out There
Aluminum is One of the Most Widely Recycled Materials Out There

Aluminum is One of the Most Widely Recycled Materials Out There

Not all heroes wear capes, but if they did we would make sure that aluminum was wearing one. Aluminum is one of the best materials we’ve got. Not only is it highly durable, but it’s infinitely recyclable, too! 

Aluminum is one of the most widely recycled materials out there. Most of the aluminum in the world has been continuously broken down and transformed into new products. In fact, 75% of the aluminum that’s been produced throughout history is still being used today! That high number isn’t found with any materials (only 9% of plastics have been recycled!).

This is why companies have started using aluminum recently as a way to curb our addiction to plastic. If you’ve been paying attention to supermarket shelves, you may have seen cans of water instead of bottles! 

How exactly does this support Full Circle Home’s efforts to be a responsible and earth-friendly brand? Well, because aluminum is a durable material, it’s commonly found in a huge range of products—everything from aluminum foil to airplane parts. 

Here’s the catch: after being mined, aluminum can be processed in two different ways. We’ll spare you the details, but should mention that this can be a pretty energy intensive process. 

To produce just one ton of aluminum requires about 17,000 kwh of electricity—and that doesn’t even begin to factor in the natural gas, petroleum, and other fuels that are required in the process. 

We should also mention that the mining and manufacturing process are also responsible for a lot of the world’s smog and acid rain...

We can all breathe a sigh of relief at the fact that the recyclability of this “miracle metal” means a reduction of 90-95% of the energy required in processing virgin aluminum. There’s no mining required either!

By recycling aluminum, we’re keeping a valuable resource out of our growing landfills. Even better, recycled aluminum doesn’t lose any of its essential properties and it is 100% hygienic and safe. 

When it comes to materials, recycled aluminum is the perfect role model (no, really, because it’s found in our Roll Model paper towel holder!). It’s lightweight, versatile, and doesn’t go into a landfill at the end of a product’s life. 

The Tin Man may have desperately wanted to turn into a human, but from a longevity standpoint, it’s probably best that the Wizard of Oz never gave him a heart. Think twice next time you see an aluminum can. It may become another aluminum can one day, or a bicycle, or our eco-friendly Broom Service broom.  

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