Make Your Bathroom an Eco-Oasis
Make Your Bathroom an Eco-Oasis

Make Your Bathroom an Eco-Oasis

With the kid’s back at school, especially after months of being stuck in your home, you’re probably looking to take advantage of your alone time. 

Whether your idea of relaxation is taking a bath or decluttering a linen closet, we have the tips and tricks for you to make your safe space (your bathroom) an eco-oasis. 

One way to quickly improve the sustainability and the aesthetic of your bathroom is to swap out your existing shampoo bottles and other containers by purchasing large refill containers instead of stocking up on endless plastic bottles.  Make the investment into a nice, reusable container and ditch the single-use plastic shampoo, lotion, and soap bottles. 

We, of course, need to do a little self promotion. Once your current bathroom accessories have reached the end of their life, we recommend swapping them out with our Ceramic and Bamboo Bathroom Collection. From toothbrush holders, soap dishes, to organizing trays the ickiest place in your home will become the tidiest place in your home. Head to the bottom of this blog to shop now!

Plants! Plants are always a good idea. Plants have the ability to transform a room, lift your mood, and even filter your air -- which is an added bonus when the humidity in your bathroom can interfere with your air quality. We suggest choosing a plant like aloe or bamboo that thrives in low light and humid environments. 

While they may be tempting, you should avoid buying scrubbing or exfoliating products made with microbeads. Products like body wash, face wash, and toothpaste are jam packed with plastic, non-biodegradable microbeads that get washed down your drain ending up in drinking water, the ocean, and your food chain. 

Whether you’re buying in bulk or one roll at a time, toilet paper often comes packaged in plastic. These days, there’s endless eco-friendly choices available that even come in subscription form -- saving you from running out of toilet paper at bad times….Shop toilet paper that’s made from 100% recycled materials, with zero plastic packaging -- we love Who Gives A Crap! 

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