What exactly is Zero Waste?
What exactly is Zero Waste?

What exactly is Zero Waste?

Zero waste. It’s that term that’s exploded as more of us are becoming aware of the impact our actions have on our planet. Does it mean fitting a year’s worth of trash in a jar? Does it mean making your own granola and repurposing every bit of packaging that enters your home? Does it mean forever banishing that pesky p-word (plastic)?

Yes and no. Big and brash changes may look glamorous on blogs or social media, but nothing is as helpful to our planet as making that first swap. We like to think of ‘zero waste’ as a step-by-step process, where starting small is just as significant as vowing to never use another plastic bag again. 

So, take a deep breath because just by reading this you (yes, you!) are already well on your way to zero waste—and we’re here to help.  

We know that a zero-waste lifestyle isn’t practical or possible for all of us, but we hope to make it just a little easier for those of us ready to make some simple and sustainable swaps. 

Haven’t spent your spare time researching the greenhouse gas emissions of a kitchen sponge as it decomposes (or doesn’t) in a landfill? Don’t have a product’s end-of-life management in mind as you juggle work, kids, and life? That’s why we’re here. 

We’ve done lots of research, scoured the globe for inspiration, and experimented with some of Earth’s best materials. We’re starting with this range of sink-side favorites that combine functionality, sustainability, and materials that can return to our environment to support it after being used. 

That’s why you’ll see materials like organic cotton, jute, coconut husks, and hemp. Once that scour pad can scrub no more, it will become an excellent dinner for those hungry worms in your compost bin. 

Sounds like a win-win for our world—and will require little to no effort on your end! 

Ultimately, we think that Mother Earth would view ‘zero waste’ is a bit of a misnomer. ‘Zero’ is absolute and sounds downright difficult. With this collection, we’re hoping to show that ‘less waste’ is both a better option and is attainable—and in fact, much easier, healthier, and more rewarding than you could have imagined. 

So, join us as we all figure out this whole ‘zero waste’ thing together. 

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