Our Newest Kind Collection!
Our Newest Kind Collection!

Our Newest Kind Collection!

Allow us to introduce to you our new line of Kind Collection textiles made from 100% organic cotton and plant-based dyes. Using turmeric, pomegranate, and indigo (two of which you probably already keep in your kitchen!) we’re adding five beautiful new vibrant elements to your home. And now that we’re all spending infinitely more time indoors and cooking more meals, they’re some of our favorite things –

Apron. Instead of several strings and ties that need adjusting, this one is a cinch. No, really. One single string cinches the whole thing and makes it easy to wear. Sturdy enough to protect you from splashes, it also has a wide front pocket for easy stashing of your recipe, pens, and phone.

Dish Towels. We’ve worked long and hard to perfect our dish towels (if you’re a long-time Full Circle customer you probably remember many different versions) and these are it: soft, absorbent, and quick drying.

Oven mitts. In our experience, oven mitts are either stiff and inflexible but excellent at keeping hands cool, or flexible and easy to grip with but risky when holding hot items for longer than a few seconds. So, we’ve married the two. These mitts have the flexibility for a good grip and the confidence to hold hot items without worrying about being burned.

Potholders/trivets. It’s a classic two-in-one, take hot things out of the oven and then place them on surface without scalding.

And of course, we’re bringing back the classic Dish Cloths with these new vivid dyes – which can be used as cloth napkins as well.

It’s the golden rule: be kind. These organic cotton textiles with natural plant dyes are gentle on your skin and on the planet – so, we can treat mother earth as we want to be treated, with kindness.

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