Ziptuck hack!
Ziptuck hack!

Ziptuck hack!

We know you’re cleaning pros but there’s always that one spot you forget (or ignore). For us, it’s the shower head. It’s a shower...shouldn’t it clean itself?

If your shower head hasn’t been pumping out water like it used to, theres a good chance you have mineral deposit build up. This can lead to low water pressure, crazy water flow, or a complete clog. Showers are the one time a day we have to ourselves, we need it in pristine condition.

Don’t worry, we have a hack for you involving a Full Circle favorite -- the Ziptuck. Our favorite hack doesn’t even require you to remove the shower head from the pipe -- so we like it already.

Step 1: Fill your gallon sized Ziptuck with vinegar

Step 2: Wrap the bag around the shower head and secure it with a rubber band (or whatever you have lying around)

Step 3: Leave the bag on the shower head for a few hours

Step 4: Remove the bag and turn on the water to let it run and rinse out any vinegar that may have made its way into the head.

Step 5: ENJOY

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