Sinkside Perfection
Sinkside Perfection

Sinkside Perfection

There’s something intensely satisfying about sinkside perfection. Everything in its place, neatly aligned, and not a water droplet in sight. But of course, those moments are fleeting because inevitably someone comes along with a dirty dish or to wash their hands, and perfection is gone. Still, it is always fun while it lasts. And it is this love of order (and of course, love of the planet) that inspired our sinkside collection!

Meet its newest member -- the Roll Model, our paper towel holder made from recycled aluminum, ceramic and bamboo. With a weighted arm, it keeps the paper towel roll from unraveling, which helps keep waste at a minimum (think about the continuous roll and how easy it is to just take what has unraveled and make use of it -- this helps curb that!). And its slender silhouette and smart design make it a sinkside statement.

The Roll Model fits perfectly alongside the rest of its teammates:

The soap dispensing duo, Soap Opera and Foamance. Both made from recycled glass with a bamboo accent, they deliver your liquid dish soap or foaming hand soap in style. Or vice versa, if you prefer the opposite. Foamance actually helps you make your own foaming soap by combining regular liquid soap with water. Did you know that foaming soap is actually mostly water? Yep. The Foamance helps you save on soap consumption by extending the life of your liquid soap. [And just a tip, we also like the soap-dispensing duo sinkside in our bathrooms with a one-two punch of foaming hand soap and lotion.]

Of course, our sinkside station is not complete without the Stash, our modular ceramic sink caddy. Made from ceramic and recycled plastic, it keeps your brushes and sponges dry and tidy, and because it’s modular it makes room for you to fit your personal sink scrubbing supplies. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s compact so it saves space on your already limited counter space.

However you upgrade your sink, we’re keen to see it. So show us your sinkside pride! #sinksideselfie

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