🧽 The Ultimate #StartWithASpongeChallenge
🧽 The Ultimate #StartWithASpongeChallenge

🧽 The Ultimate #StartWithASpongeChallenge

Who watched the marathon this past weekend? Who knows someone who ran all 26.2 miles? Who woke up after the marathon had already ended? We have a way for you to get even more involved.

If you missed it, Full Circle donated all 45,000 cool-down sponges at mile 17. In marathon’s past, all cool-down sponges have been plastic, leaving a trail of plastic waste in the runner’s wake. For the first time in New York City Marathon history, Full Circle has donated 100% compostable, cellulose sponges. Woohoo!

Even if you didn’t run, we want you to be involved and help spread the word of our Start With A Sponge campaign. Here’s how...

Participate in our #startwithaspongechallenge and slap some sense into your friends.


Step 1: Go grab a sponge. Any sponge will do. We like large ones, extra wet, maybe in a fun, bright color.

Step 2: Find that friend that really isn’t doing their part to save the world one sponge at a time. Sometimes they just need a little nudge.

Step 3: You may need to grab some backup. Set up your phone to record in slo-mo and position it so you get a full view of your pal. Now it’s your turn, grab that sponge, wind up, and let ‘er rip.

Step 4: Not good enough? Throw in some fun accessories, like sunglasses, a goofy hat, or suspenders.

Step 5: Share on Instagram or Facebook using #startwithaspongechallenge and tag 3 friends you want to challenge!

Step 6: Go to www.startwithasponge.com to learn more and get your free kit!

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