The Who's Who of Composting
The Who's Who of Composting

The Who's Who of Composting

We won’t call ourselves the kings and queens of composting, but we think we are certainly in the court. Composting is part of our core philosophy and we want to make it something almost anyone can do, even if you don’t have green space of your own. So we’ve created levels of composting from the committed composter to the casual composter, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of our composting products, which to use, and why.

Our award-winning Fresh Air countertop compost collector is our most comprehensive composting tool. If you have a backyard and you already compost or you’re thinking about it, or you’re a city dweller who collects food scraps for drop off at a local farmer’s market, the Fresh Air is your guy. Using replaceable compostable collecting bags, the Fresh Air has a 1.5 gallon capacity and a patented odor-reducing technology that keeps oxygen flowing and keeps your scraps from causing a stink!

Now if the above is all true but your countertop space is limited or you prefer a smaller footprint, our Breeze does everything the Fresh Air does but with a capacity just under a gallon.

But some of us have limits. We don’t want a permanent fixture on our countertops, we don’t have the space or the time to commit to compost collecting yet, or we don’t cook enough and just want to collect scraps when we have enough for it to make sense (like when we have dinner parties or lots of scraps from our CSA subscriptions!). It is for these reasons (and of course others) that we created the Scrap Sack, our countertop compostable food waste bags. Printed on natural kraft paper with a plant based liner, these bags stand up beautifully on your countertop (or can easily tuck underneath your sink!) for those times when you want to collect your scraps. They can also help with overflow when your Fresh Air is at capacity and you’re still cooking.

Lastly, we try to make scrap gathering easy with our Scrap Happy, which you can use to collect your scraps while you’re doing your mise en place and either add them to the heap or put them in your freezer until you’re ready.

Composting doesn’t have to be cumbersome. We’re all doing our best.

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