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Summer vacation. Ah, those are the days. And they’re just around the corner. But you know what’s easier, more budget-friendly, and just as fun? Summer staycation! When the warm weather sets in, your backyard can be your playground.

Or, your campground.

Have a family camp-out! Get your kids to help you pitch the tent, they’ll gain confidence learning how to use a mallet for securing the stakes or piecing together the frame. Or have them put veggies on skewers for grilling – here they can use their art skills. And you know your kids will be glad to help you roast the marshmallows to make s’mores!

You can also get your kids away from screen time and into the great outdoors by taking family dinners outside. Or maybe weekend lunches on a blanket in the grass, picnic style. You’ll get to hear what your kids are up to without the phone ringing or anyone texting under the table. Here are some tips for games you can play at the dinner table to engage your kids and spark their creativity.

Bon voyage!

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