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Mr. Fix It

Now that you’re practically living outside, you probably notice all of the other animals that do too. Depending on where you are you might see squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, even deer – but we won’t suggest you try to feed them.

Instead, DIY bird feeders and birdhouses are an easy way to give back to nature and a fun activity to do with your kids! Here's one of our favorite ideas! Grab your resident Mr. Fix It (aka Dad) and do some DIY building (make Bob Vila proud!).

Use sunflower and pumpkin seeds, corn, millet, or shelled peanuts for an eco-friendly feed mix.

And after you hang and admire your masterpiece, Full Circle has the perfect product to help you clean up. The tiny team is ideal for little hands that want to help sweep up!

The birds that visit your backyard will sing your praises!

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