The Full Circle Guide to Summer!
The Full Circle Guide to Summer!

The Full Circle Guide to Summer!

Summer solstice may technically mark the start of the season on June 21st but Memorial Day is the unofficial kick-off to summer and we’re giving you a checklist of all our favorite things to do

  1. Visit a national park: There are over fifty to choose from and you really can’t go wrong. If there isn’t one in your state, you may have to pack up the car and drive but who doesn’t remember the epic road trips of their youth? Playing ‘I Spy,’ eating pancakes at a roadside diner, the endless asking “are we there yet?” It’s a rite of passage!
  2. Take a hike: You don’t need a national park for this one, you can find whatever nature is nearest you – a forest preserve, a glen, a field, a prairie, or if you’re lucky enough, a mountain. Just get out and follow a trail, you never know where you’ll end up.
  3. Go on a scavenger hunt: The whole family can team up together or every person for themselves!
  4. Plant seeds: Growing your own fruits and vegetables is an exciting way to engage the whole family. Each person can take charge of their own plot of land or you can work together and divide it up by task (planting, watering, etc.). There’s nothing quite like eating dinner with food you’ve grown yourself.
  5. Shop at a Farmer’s Market: If you can’t plant your own food, the next best thing is getting to know the people who did it for you. Shopping at a farmer’s market is great because the produce is fresher than at grocery stores, you can bring your own bags, and you’re helping to keep small farmers and small businesses afloat.

Anyone of these activities will help you jump start your summer. Or, you can try them all! 

Post to your Instagram stories and color in what you've already done or print it out and throw it up on the fridge! 

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