Surface Cleaning 101
Surface Cleaning 101

Surface Cleaning 101

Our new reality exists of us washing our hands, hunting down hand sanitizer, and wiping down any and all surfaces. While we’re creating good (mostly-good) habits, it’s important to make sure you’re cleaning properly.

Focusing on high-traffic areas can make a huge difference in battling Covid-19. Whether you’re a spray or wipe fan, make sure you’re using a product that promises to kill 99.9% of germs.

But we know, sprays and wipes aren’t easy to come by, especially if you live in a crowded city. With products flying off the shelves, you can always resort to soapy water. We recommend a few drops of dish soap mixed with eight or so ounces of water. While your sudsy mix may not kill every germ known to man, it’s effective in removing coronavirus from surfaces and that’s pretty much our biggest concern at this point…

Imagine you dipped your entire family's hands in paint and sent them on their way. Pretty quickly, you will have identified all the high-touch surfaces in your home. But we’re in crisis, so let’s skip the paint.

Focus on these places:
- Door knobs (We recommend Squeeze!)
- Light switches (We recommend Stretch!)
- Drawer pulls (We recommend Tough Sheet!)
- Microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator doors(We recommend Tough Sheet!)
- TV remote(We recommend Tough Sheet!)
- Counters and tabletops(We recommend Squeeze!)
- Toilet handles(We recommend Stretch!)
- Faucet handles (We recommend Stretch!)

Best way to combat all the ickiness? We recommend a 50:50 vinegar: water mix in our Bottle Service. Add in 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oils, spray, then leave on the surface for 30 seconds before wiping up.

Leaving the cleaner on the surface helps to kill more germs. Wipe away with a clean cloth (Tough Sheet!

Any other surfaces you’re having trouble cleaning? Any tips we may not know about? Let us know! Leave a comment below or shoot us a message on Instagram!

Stay safe!

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