Sustainably Reusable Bundles
Sustainably Reusable Bundles

Sustainably Reusable Bundles

Have you been attempting to use one sheet of paper towel per day to avoid running out? Same here. That’s why we’re trying to incorporate cloths, reusable paper towels, and reusable brushes into our every day so that we can save the nasty stuff for the trash. We just don’t recommend this approach for toilet paper…

With supplies low and restrictions on how often you can go out shopping, we’re highlighting some of our products that are sustainably reusable so you can get through this with fewer trips to the store and less waste. Plus! These products are available in bundles so you can stock up once and never look back!

High and Dry Bundle - No paper towels to be found? We’ve got your back! One sheet of our Tough Sheet Reusable Plant Towels equal one roll of traditional paper towels. One role of Tough Sheet is equal to about 30 rolls of traditional paper towels. Our drying collection allows you to clean, dust, and dry without all the waste that comes with paper towels. We can’t make dish time fun, but we can make it a bit easier during these tough times.

The Super Soap Bundle - Washing hands is an absolute MUST. If you can buy in bulk, cut back on the amount of soap used by creating foaming wash that’s just as effective and much less wasteful. Whether you’re a foaming soap, liquid soap, or bar soap kinda person, we’ve got you covered. This 3-piece bundle comes with all you need to tackle that 20-second scrub and look good while doing it.

The Storage Bundle - Cooking more than ever? Don’t rush to the store for plastic bags. Store snacks and leftovers in our freezer-safe reusable bags! Kid-friendly and storage safe!

The Scrub-a-Dub Bundle - Almost everyone is working from home, which means bathrooms are being used A LOT. Keep things extra clean where you can to avoid spreading any and all germs. Tackle the ickiest of jobs with our 5-piece scrubbing bundle. These brushes and scour pads offer tough love for tubs, tiles, and surfaces that need it most (especially these days). From grout grime to shower scum, reinforced bristles go to work and make even the messiest bathrooms, sparkling.

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