Get to Know DSNY
Get to Know DSNY

Get to Know DSNY

Let’s talk trash! 

At Full Circle Home, we’re committed to educating consumers on their responsibility to leave the earth a better place than they found it - and one of the biggest impacts we can make is to rethink the way we look at, and dispose of, waste. 

We’re partnering up with the New York City Department of Sanitation and The Sanitation Foundation to bring you all the dirty details of New York City’s waste and share tips and tricks on how to ensure we’re tackling trash in a way that’s kind to our planet. 

What is DSNY?

The NYC Department of Sanitation is the world’s largest sanitation department, serving more than 8.5 million people. DSNY collects more than 10,500 tons of residential and institutional garbage and 1,760 tons of recyclables each day. 

What does DSNY do?

Trash Collection

New Yorkers throw out over 10,000 tons of garbage a day. DSNY offers curbside collection services so it is easy to get rid of your trash and keep our city clean.

Recycling Collection

DSNY provides curbside collection and drop-off programs to simplify getting rid of plastics, paper, glass and metals, collecting approximately 1,200 tons of recycling a day.

Curbside Composting

Curbside composting will resume in October of 2021, following nearly a year of suspended services due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Residents can opt into weekly compost pickup beginning in August. Learn more about how to sign up here

P.S. Looking for tools to get started on your composting journey? Check out our composting line here

Street Cleaning

To ensure our city streets and vacant lots are clear of litter and clutter, DSNY works vigorously to monitor and patrol these areas. Learn about the regulations surrounding street cleaning, including alternate side parking, here

Snow Removal

DSNY spreads salt on roads and plows, melts and hauls snow when winter weather hits to keep our streets safe and clear for travel. Learn more about how DSNY handles the snow here

What is the Sanitation Foundation?

The Sanitation Foundation is the official non-profit partner of the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY). Its mission is two-fold: to celebrate and support the essential Sanitation workforce and advance the Department’s ambitious zero-waste agenda.

The Sanitation Foundation accomplishes this by fostering innovative public/private partnerships between DSNY, businesses, and community organizations. The organization’s public engagement, education, and capacity-building programs support DSNY in achieving our shared vision for a healthier, cleaner, more sustainable NYC. 

Learn More

We could go on and on about DSNY and The Sanitation Foundation, but why not learn more straight from the source! Check out these great resources for more information:

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