Introducing the Laundry Collection
Introducing the Laundry Collection

Introducing the Laundry Collection

We’re getting ready to spin something new at Full Circle. After focusing our energy on the kitchen and the bathroom, we’ve turned our attention to the laundry room. Here are a few things to know about our new Loads of Fun Laundry Collection.

Why We Created the Collection

You don’t need us to tell you that humans do a lot of laundry. And we’re talking a lot. Every week, American households wash around 660 million loads a week. Feel like you’re always trying to summit a mountain of laundry? You’re not the only one—as more than 35 billion loads are washed every single year!

Just imagine all of the water, energy, and time requirements of our laundry days...

While we can’t exactly help you stay on top of a sort-wash-dry routine, we’re here to help make it more convenient and eco-conscious. We want to help make your clothes last longer, wash more efficiently, and use less resources in the process. 

As you open that washer lid 8-10 times a week, we’re here to be your spin cycle sidekick. By bringing some of our new products on board, small changes will help lead to big impacts on the sustainability front. 

Why Taking Care of Your Clothes is the Sustainable Thing to Do

We get it, sometimes you just want to blindly toss everything into your washer and dryer and be done with it. While this may save you a little time, it may also mean that you end up with pilling on your cotton pants, red splotches on a formerly-white shirt, or a cashmere sweater that’s become doll-size.

Sorted Laundry is Sustainable Laundry

This is where our first product comes into play. Our Recycled Wash Bags come in two sizes and are here to make each load a little lighter on the planet. Not only are they made from recycled water bottles, but they also extend the life of your clothes. 

By using them to presort delicates or larger garments like activewear, knits, or clothes with hardware, they make it easy to wash clothes according to the directions on the label. 

Not only that, but they can help to prevent microfibers by minimizing the impact of each wash on clothing made from synthetic fibers!

Dry Less, Wear Longer

When it comes to the dryer, recycled water bottles help here, too. They’re the main material in our Anti-Static Dryer Balls, which provide a vegan-friendly way to improve each dryer cycle. Unlike noisy wool dryer balls, ours are soft and quiet. Featuring a carbon filament and larger size, they reduce static and won’t get stuck in pant legs or sleeves. 

The dryer balls eliminate the need for single-use dryer sheets (which often contain toxic fragrance additives) and they help to circulate air. This means more efficient drying, less time in the dryer, and less energy required. Once you add these to your laundry routine—and notice softer, more longer-lasting clothes—you’ll never want to go back.

Become a Wardrobe Eco-Warrior

For a little post-dryer clothes love, our Anti-Static & Lint Removing Mitt is the laundry tool you’ve never known but are going to love. Instead of multiple single-use items (dryer sheets, aerosol sprays, sticky lint rollers), this one does it all. Did we mention it’s reusable, too?

Also made with recycled water bottles, tackling everyday garment problems will be a breeze. The carbon filament removes static, and the mitt’s double-sided design works to easily remove pet hair and lint on clothing, textiles, and upholstery. 

We’ll give you a hand with lint removal, and we’d also suggest that, for the most long-lasting garments, you hand wash when possible. When that’s not an option, cold water is always the way to go. It’s associated with less shrinking and fading—and it cuts down on the fact that 75% of each load’s energy is a result of heating the water! 

Similarly, because it’s even more energy intensive and damages clothes, drying is best done without a machine. An outdoor drying rack can help you harness the drying power of sun and wind—and it will lead to fresher smelling clothes, too! 

Stay tuned for more Earth-loving laundry hacks. Until then, happy washing and wearing.

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